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Company Overview

BMC is an independent System integrator company. Our independence means that we are free to develop the services our customers want with no external demands from investors or shareholders.

We offer a comprehensive set of technology solutions and professional services to help you maximize the benefit of your technology investment.  

As a premier System integrator, BMC specializes in the design and implementation of solutions that embed intelligent communications applications and Build up a secure networking and systems into business processes. Process that are at the heart of business and can change how work gets done in order to drive new value, better serve customers, beat competitors more often and manage people more efficiently. We know the technical and management issues of these new technologies and are dedicated to each and every customer as we work side-by-side to help you meet your goals. 

Greater efficiency, decreased costs, and increased customer service. These statements represent the core business drivers of BMC.


CEO Message

Business leaders face many challenges in navigating their enterprises to succeed in today’s competitive environment. The focus has changed from relying heavily on technical efficiencies to enabling business processes that, especially in a distributed environment, help create competitive advantage and new business models.

In the current age of information, BMC strives to provide the latest IT solutions and services that help our clients implement a healthy transformation through technology.

In the ever-changing world of technology, well-founded strategic approach has become indispensable to the growth of organizations. This growth will have a major impact on the economy resulting in local and regional development.



To provide our customer the smart solutions with the latest technolgies and the best in class professional services.



Developing and enhacing the technical professional services that makes us the customer trusted services provider.



Our value is the years of experince, as well as our people, our professional staff, and our management.


BMC completed the partnership with Amazon AWS to provide a wide range of cloud solutions and services

BMC is Cisco Gold Partner in Jan 2019


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